We created eisku to inspire a more sustainable lifestyle while upholding aesthetics and functionality.

The fusion of these three distinct subjects results in creating a unique piece of furniture.

eisku vision

At eisku, we care about your satisfaction with your purchase at the moment of receiving it & throughout its entire lifespan.

We understand that needs constantly change and furniture is subject to wear and tear.

We want to be there for you when something goes wrong.

You can rest assured when your dog chews on the table legs or your child doodles on the surface with markers. We have carefully designed it so that all the components of eisku furniture can be easily replaced or refurbished. Our main goal was to create a brand that provides a sense of peace in your home.

We aim to inspire and demonstrate that innovative solutions can be combined with caring for our planet.

Responsible design


Our approach to sustainable development is based on the idea of a circular economy. We extend the life of the product by consciously using quality materials and the best design practices.


She deals with contact with business clients. She will help you if you are working on a large project and need an individual approach.


She ensures you go through the purchase process as easily as possible and will help you if you have any doubts or questions about our products.


He takes care of design and implementation. Having a designer on the team allows us to work with architects on customized solutions and new designs tailored to your needs.

Contact us

Contact us to learn more about our projects and products that can become part of your life.

high quality materials

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